RG-NBS5100 Switch



Ruijie RG-NBS5100&5200 Series Switches are the next-generation high-performance, high-security and
multi-service Layer 2+Ethernet switches. Adopting an efficient hardware architecture design, this
switch series provides larger MAC address table size, faster hardware processing performance,
and more convenient operating experience.
RG-NBS5100 series provides Gigabit access and Gigabit uplink, while RG-NBS5200 series provides
Gigabit access and 10G uplink ports. Every switch of this series offers 4 fixed 10G fiber ports with high-performance uplink capability.
RG-NBS5100&5200 series switches provide comprehensive end-to-end QoS as well as flexible and rich
security settings for small and medium-sized networks at an extremely high price-performance ratio to
meet the needs of high-speed, secure and smart enterprise networks.